Happy New Year 2015

Hi guys. Happy new year 2015.

Jujur, memasuki tahun baru kali ini, q masih belum bisa move on dari rasa sedih karena kejadian kecelakaan pesawat Air Asia QZ8501. I can feel the grief of the passengers’s family. It is so heartbreaking 🙁

That’s why, for some people, it is not a happy new year. It is a harder year, or maybe the hardest year in their life. Ada yang harus menjalani tahun ini tanpa kehadiran beberapa anggota keluarga mereka lagi, bahkan ada yang bahkan sudah tidak punya keluarga inti lagi.

Dari kejadian ini, q semakin sadar. Life is so fragile. Kehilangan bisa datang sewaktu-waktu. Kita tidak pernah tahu apa yang terjadi di hari depan.

We need God. We really do! We need the greater power, we need the stronger hands to hold us. God is the only One we can depend on.

That’s why, memasuki tahun ini q cuma mau jalani hidup yang lebih bermakna. Hidup yang sadar bahwa semua yang di dunia ini cuma sementara, so make time for what matters most.

Captive my heart Lord to love You more, to honor You more, to respect You more, to fear You more, to listen You more.

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  1. Ce Feli, I’m Lydia, I’ve read some of your article and I am blessed through your writings. So you are a member of GMS, I’m not a member of GMS, but I’m blessed with Ps Philip Mantofa’s preaching. He is one of my favorite pastor.
    I’ve blog too. I begin to write at October 2014. It’s not as much as your blog’s article. Your blog can be my insipiration. I hope you can visit my blog too at [email protected]. Keep write, Jesus bless you!

  2. Hi, Lidya! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad that u get inspired from my writings. It encourages me to write more! Thanks!
    I will check out your blog soon 😉

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