The faithful One..
The sweetest One..
My true love..

Though many times I forget You,
I was about worrying everything in life..
But once again..
You whispered a simple words, “Don’t worry.. Trust me..”
“Yes.. I know I can trust in You, my Father!”

Though many times I put You not in the first place..
I was about replacing You for many things..
But once again,
You made me realize, that You always be there waiting for me..
“I’m sorry, Lord.. Only You deserve to be the first..”

Though many times I did those mistakes..
You always open Your arms..
Smiling at me..
As a Father welcomed HIS daughter..
Oh yes! You are my true love.. JESUS.

A Better Way For Loving

If only you have a better way for loving,
Everything would be different..

Love is caring,  not worrying.
It protects, doesn’t protest.

It doesn’t build a wall of protection for your beloved,
It’s about entrusting him/her to God through prayer.

If only you have a better way for loving
Everything would be different..

-no title yet-

I just fallen my tears
Thinking of our next story
I’m filled with worries
Knowing the future is not that easy

I just want a perfect love story
One for forever
It’s heard too naive
But I believe God will make it true
For God is the Author of romance

He will keep us growing
To find the will of HIM
At the end, I believe it’s a happy ending
A happy ending
For you and for me

When I Choose You

When I choose you,
It means you are special..
You are special in my sight,
You have the special place in my heart,
You are special for me..

When I choose you,
It means I am for you..
I’ll be your best partner
I’ll be your loyal supporter
I’ll be your bestfriend

Together we’ll survive
Through the tears and joy,
The storms and waves,
The up and down,
We’ll pass it through
And let love grows stronger

For God knows what is best
His beautiful plan is for us
Walking together by holding hands
Caring one another in His pure love
Reaching our dreams, together..

When I choose you,
I know it was right..
I know I was right..


Teach Me To Be Wise

The hardest choice,
The biggest dilemma,
The longest struggle,
The most confusing matter…

God..  Teach me to be wise..
Hearts are too precious to be broken..
Lead my way.. Show me the way..
Never let me walking out of Your track..
As time goes by, I will make the best desicion..
And it’s all must based on Yours..

Just teach me to be wise..