It’s a Dream.. It’s a Vision..

Hi friends..
Di tengah sibuknya belajar buat UTS, tiba2 nggak konsen..
So, menulis saja deh..:)

Well, q dan teman2 kelas mata kuliah Event Management akan mengadakan sebuah acara untuk meningkatkan kepedulian terhadap kanker payudara, “One Heart for A Cure“, di Royal Plaza, pada tanggal 30 Oktober 2011..
Acara ini bekerja sama dengan Konjen AS n RRS (Reach to Recovery Surabaya), sebuah komunitas khusus untuk survivor n mereka yang peduli dengan kanker payudara..

Honestly, I WAS not too excited about this class project, it was TOO BIG for me..
Until that day

He told us that he had a vision for his students, to see us dare to dream!
He would be willing to do so many things, even in his very-busy working days, to bring the best to this event.. He contacted the artists, made some deals, and many more..
He have shared a lot! And I couldn’t write it all here..
But one thing for sure, you have won, Sir!

Thanks for giving a starting point!

Sekarang, qta bukan lagi mengerjakan sebuah class project, tapi sebuah visi..
Visi untuk membuat Indonesia peduli terhadap kanker payudara!
Together we can!!